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Closing Remarks


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • Are you fortified with enough information to start your event analysis?

  • Reflect on the days of learning.

Closing Remarks

Video Session

The session was video captured for your asynchronous review. The video from the full two day training in May 2022 is provided here as a reference.

Two Days of Training Collapsed into One-Half Day

The instruction in this half day version of the DUNE computing workshop was provided by several experienced physicists and is based on years of experience.

The secure access to Fermilab computing systems and a familiarity with data storage are key components.

Data management and event processing tools were described and modeled.

Art and LArSoft were introduced, with an examples of workflows so analyzers can know how to make their own module.

Protocols for efficient job submission and monitoring has been demonstrated.

We are thankful for the instructor’s hard work, and for the numerous participants who joined.

Survey time!

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Next Steps

Session recordings have been posted within each lesson after processed.

We invite you to bookmark this training site and to revisit the content regularly.

Point a colleague to the material.

Long Term Support

You made some excellent connections with computing experts and invite your continued dialog.

A DUNE Slack channel will remain available and we encourage your activity in the dialog.

Key Points

  • The DUNE Computing Consortium has presented this workshop so as to broaden the use of software tools used for analysis.