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Workshop Welcome and Introduction


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • What should I expect in participating in this workshop?

  • Introduce instructors and mentors.

  • Provide overview of the three schedule.

  • Spotlight helpful network provided by Slack channel.

DUNE Computing Consortium

The goal of the DUNE Computing Consortium is to establish a global computing network that can handle the massive data dumps DUNE will produce by distributing them across the grid. It coordinates all DUNE computing activities and provides to new members the documentation and training to acquaint them with the specific and DUNE software and resources.

Coordinator: Heidi Schellman (Oregon State University)

Welcome Session Video

The session will be captured on video a placed here after the workshop for asynchronous study.

Tutorial Instructors


Lecturers (in order of appearance in the schedule):



This training is designed as a quick introduction or review, lasting four hours. Sessions will be recorded for review afterwards.

This event is also hosted on Indico.


Throughout the training, participants are free to ask questions via a Google Live doc associate with each topic:

You can write questions there, anonymously or not, and experts will reply. This method is preferred as the chat on Zoom can quickly saturate so this method proved to be successful at the previous training. We will collect all questions and release a Q&A after the event.

You can join DUNE’s Slack: We created a special channel #computing_training_basics for technical support, join here.

Key Points

  • This workshop is brought to you by the DUNE Computing Consortium.

  • The goals are to give you the computing basis to work on DUNE.